Office Bro Kit


Bro’s are everywhere.

If you are not a bro yourself chances are you at least know one. Bro’s aren’t just obnoxious party alpha males often seen aggressively high fiving each other with a red solo cup in one hand; they are also people, and people grow up. Bro’s grow up. Bro’s graduate. They get jobs, they run empires, they get married, and they even become bro dads. While the bro tank and aviators may spend more time in the closet for the average mature bro we’d like to think a little bit of the bro never dies.

A true bro knows the secret in life is to work hard and play hard but it is a known scientific fact that the warm glow of fluoresce office lights adversely affect a bro’s ability to fist pump and fight evil. For emergency situations when bro-glow reaches a dangerously low level we’ve created the Office Bro Kit. The Office Bro Kit includes everything the mature bro needs to stay focused on the job and avoid ultimate bro-limination.